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How Do Solar LED Raod Studs Work?

Compared with ordinary reflective road stud, solar LED road studs have two most important features:

One is the brightness of the glow. The reflective brightness of a normal reflective road stud is only 300MCD to 400MCD, while the luminous brightness of a solar LED road stud is up to 2000 MCD, which is 6 to 7 times that of the former. Such high intensity of light can penetrate the rain and fog at night, safely and effectively guiding the driver.

Second, active lighting, dynamic warning. Solar LED road studs flash at some frequency at night, and their dynamic warning effect is very strong. Active light-emitting not only avoids rain and fog interference to the greatest extent, but also allows the driver's line of sight to get rid of the dependence on car lights, with a longer visual distance and better results.



How does the solar LED road studs work?

The working principle of solar LED road studs can be summed up simply as follows: solar panels absorb sunlight during the day, convert solar energy into electrical energy, and store it in energy storage devices (batteries or capacitors). The electrical energy in the energy storage device at night is automatically converted into light energy (controlled by a photoelectric switch) and illuminated by LED to outline the road and induce the driver to see.

Depending on the installation location, the solar LED road studs can be divided into embedded solar road studs and raised solar led road stud. Because solar LED road studs installed on the center line of the road are particularly demanding in terms of pressure resistance, the former is generally used in the middle of the road and the latter is used mostly on the edge of the road.


According to the energy storage elements, solar LED road studs can be divided into capacitive and battery-type. The former has a service life of five to seven years, while the latter typically has a service life of one to three years.

Embedded solar LED road studs installation need to drill hole and damage the road surface, and capacitive solar road studs are too expensive, therefore, the industry's most used or raised battery solar led road studs.
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