Tacha de aluminio solar para la autopista mexico

Tacha de aluminio solar para la autopista mexico

Ruichen aluminio Tacha Solar A6-1 con resistencia a la compresi¨®n de 30ton. ¨¢rea de carga solar m¨¢s grande. Dise?o anti-impacto e IP68 para reflector. Antes de la instalaci¨®n, Vialetas Solares se cargar¨¢ bajo la luz solar durante 1 hora, para verificar que los solares de Vialetas puedan funcionar normalmente. Modelo de aluminio peque?o y econ¨®mico, con dos v¨¢stagos, sin liberar en la carretera. aleaci¨®n de aluminio+policarbonato+relleno epoxi


Ruichen Solar Road Studs – Eco-Friendly and Safe Road Solutions

Henan Ruichen Traffic Equipment Co, Ltd was founded in 2001. Our solar road studs are eco-friendly, powered by solar energy, recharging during the day and automatically illuminating in low light conditions. These solar road studs turn off during daylight, switching on automatically each night, designed specifically for road safety to prevent accidents. They are highly efficient, reducing maintenance costs.

Designed to enhance road safety and accident prevention, they emit flashing light for over 10 hours after a day’s charge. Solar road studs are placed in road sections where visibility is crucial, especially in foggy areas. The device is made from high-quality materials, including LEDs and solar panels, and is available in three colors: white, yellow, and red.

Product Solar LED Road Stud
Battery 3.7V/340 MAH Lithium Battery
LED Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White
Visual Range >800m
Material Aluminum Alloy and Polycarbonate

Solar Road Marker Factory in the USA

Quick Details:

  • Origin: Henan, China
  • Brand: RUICHEN
  • Product: Solar Road Studs
  • Power Source: High-Efficiency US-Made Solar Panel 5V/60MAH for Lithium Battery
  • Load Capacity: Static 30 Tons
  • Battery: 3.7V/340 MAH Lithium Battery
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • LED Solar Stud: 5mm Ultra-Bright Diameter (6 Pieces)
  • LED Color: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White
  • Visual Range: >800m
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Working Hours: 140 Hours Flashing, 40 Hours Steady After Full Charge
  • Supply Capacity: 10,000 Pieces Per Week

Installation Procedure:

  1. Check the solar road stud’s charging and discharging status
  2. Identify the installation location
  3. Clean road surfaces
  4. Clean the solar road stud’s bottom and use epoxy glue to secure it
  5. Wait for 8 hours to dry before activating the LED solar road stud
  6. Caution: Never install in the centerline of the road

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