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Solar Studs Light [Troubleshooting and Repairing]


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Solar Studs lamp is a kind of Solar Studs lamp that uses solar energy as energy source. Because it is not affected by power supply, does not need to dig trenches and embed wires, does not consume conventional electric energy, and can be installed on the spot as long as there is sufficient sunlight, it is widely used by people. Concern, and because it does not pollute the environment, it is called a green environmental protection product. Solar Studs lights can be used for the lighting of town parks, roads, and lawns, and can also be used in areas with small population density, inconvenient transportation, underdeveloped economy, lack of conventional fuels, and it is difficult to generate electricity with conventional energy sources, but solar energy resources are abundant. Home lighting problems of people in the region. Solar Studs.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the solar power generation industry, the field of photovoltaic applications is gradually expanding, and various new photovoltaic products continue to emerge. In lighting Solar Studs lamps, Solar Studs lamps, a solar lighting system combining technology and art, have begun to be widely used in many areas of developed countries such as the United States, France, Japan, etc., but are in their infancy in my country. At present, the common problem of domestic Solar Studs lamps is that the power is low (the illuminance is equivalent to incandescent lamps below 100W), and they can only work for about 5 days when they encounter continuous rain, and when they are used in large areas, the time difference between their startups is as high as ten Many minutes, thereby had a strong impact on the promotion and application of sunlight electric lamps. In order to solve the above problems, the company has developed a high-power "Yijia Photoelectric Solar Photoelectric Smart Lamp" with independent intellectual property rights. Solar Studs.

This product is composed of solar cell components, batteries, power controllers, and light-emitting components. The technical features are:
1. With extra-large power, when the brightness is equivalent to 150W-250W incandescent lamp, it can be illuminated for 8 hours a day, and can work normally within 9 consecutive days of rainy days.
2. The photoelectric intelligent controller with charge and discharge protection function, photosensitive automatic control device and time control device is applied, so that the product can effectively save energy, increase effective lighting time, and reduce production costs.

3. The central controller unit adopts the TEC1208 chip, and the annual sunshine time data of different latitudes around the world are established in the intelligent controller. When in use, input the latitude of the region in the controller, adjust the year, month, day and on/off time, and the ambient light can be automatically tracked for many years.
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