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Why do you have to look for Ruichen's Road Studs?


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When many customers buy solar road studs, because they have no experience, they only look at the value and appearance, and the beauty is over, which leads to many problems after purchase. With the development of society and economy, there are more and more types of solar road studs . There are more and more solar road studs manufacturers and companies. Why must we choose Tuoan Technology among so many manufacturers?

To sum up, Ruichen's solar-powered Road Studs lights have several advantages:
1. The Road Studs solar panel is covered with tempered glass and fixed by an aluminum frame.
2. The shell of the solar strobe light is composed of oxygen aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of waterproof, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, no peculiar smell, and the use of materials to protect the light.

3. Light control mode, in the dark or at night, the solar Road Studs light will automatically flash and flash without human control.
4. The warning effect is good. The LED adopts Taiwan Epistar chip, which actively emits light, high brightness, and dynamic warning.
5. Energy saving, low power consumption, solar powered, low operating cost.

6. Road Studs are easy to install, no external power supply, no need to lay lines, convenient and sturdy.
Buy solar Road Studs lights, look for Ruichen, 20 years of production experience, worthy of your trust.
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