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The Netherlands starts piloting LED traffic Solar Studs on sidewalks


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From 2012 to 2022, with the continuous popularization of mobile phones all over the world, more and more people look at their mobile phones while walking, and the number of urban "head-down people" is also increasing.

In order to ensure the traffic safety of pedestrians, the Netherlands began to test the "LED traffic signal Solar Studs" on the sidewalk this morning, while reminding the "head bowers" to pay attention to their own traffic safety. 【LED traffic signal Solar Studs】

The traffic and transportation consultant in the area believes that such traffic signal Solar Studs is extremely necessary. He said, "Smartphones are distracting, and we hope that through this measure, more people will pay attention to traffic conditions. Studies have shown that people do not like to step Redline, but this Solar Studs installation requires you to do so."

The official name of sidewalk traffic signal Solar Studs is "+ light", which was researched and developed by the Ministry of Transportation Systems. The company said, "This LED Solar Studs light is equivalent to traffic lights." Increase, the traffic safety of urban "head bowing people" has become a big problem, which needs to be solved by taking relevant measures. 【LED traffic signal Solar Studs】
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