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Park lights: What is the difference between park Road Stud and Cats Eyes Road Stud?

In fact, people’s living standards and quality of life have also been improved in all aspects, so the supplies in life have also been divided very carefully. The products we use in different scenarios are also somewhat different, such as in Road Stud. In terms of related aspects, there are many types of Road Studs nowadays, which are too many to count, let alone have a certain understanding of this type of Road Stud. And when we put aside the hard work of the day and go out for a walk in the park, we are often attracted by the Road Stud lighting set in the park. This kind of lamp is called Road Stud lawn lamp, then the Park Road Stud lawn lamp and Cats Eyes Road What is the difference between Stud lawn lights?

     1. What is the difference between Park Road Stud and Cats Eyes Road Stud?
In fact, the types of Road Stud lawn lights in the park include lawn lights. If you want to distinguish between the two, the biggest difference is that the height of Road Stud lawn lights is lower than that of lawn lights, and the brightness is generally not grass. The brightness of the lamp is high. The Road Stud lawn lamp is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly lamp. It is used for the lighting facilities around the lawn and is also a very important landscape facility. Its light is very soft and not as dazzling as the lawn lamp. The installation of the Road Stud lawn lamp is very convenient, and the decoration performance will be relatively strong. Generally, it can be used in public places such as walking side, lawn surrounding, parking sound and square.

   2. What are the characteristics of Road Stud lawn lights?
   1, high brightness
   The new solar Road Stud lawn lamp on the market can use 140lm/w, which is 50% brighter than the conventional solar LED lawn lamp.
   2, high efficiency and energy saving
If it is a solar Road Stud lawn lamp, usually a full-power crystalline silicon solar cell module is used as the power generation system of the lamp, and a special solar battery is used, which is very energy-saving and energy-saving, and it can be continuously illuminated even in rainy days. 3- 5 At night, no other energy supply is needed.
   3, long life
The overall life of the Road Stud lawn lamp is designed to be more than 20 years. It uses a high-transmitting glass lamination process. The design life of each accessory is consistent. The unique energy-saving design makes the battery life longer than conventional technology. 2 ,3 times.

   4, high quality and high reliability
Road Stud lawn lights have very high requirements for quality. Manufacturers must choose very advanced equipment, good materials and to ensure quality, and they must conduct a comprehensive inspection of the materials to grasp the quality of each production process and the inspection of the finished product. , Shipment inspection, but also in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO quality management system for total quality management.
   5, high security
   Road Stud lawn lights are generally low-voltage products, using DC 4V or 6V power supply, safe and harmless, and will effectively protect children, pedestrians and animals.
Well, there is a question about the difference between the Park Road Stud lawn lamp and the Cats Eyes Road Stud lawn lamp. Ruichen will explain it here. In fact, the Road Stud lawn lamp is also a kind of lawn lamp, but its brightness, height, etc. There is a difference between the club and the lawn lamp. You can also go to the park to conduct a field survey.
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