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Manufacturing Method Of a New Type Of Pavement Reflective Studs

Reflective Studs are mainly set up in the interval or beside the lane demarcation markings. Through their retroreflective performance, together with the traffic markings, they play the role of warning, guidance and information for road driving at night.
Reflective Studs are mostly square, about 2cm above the road surface. The main materials used are plastic, aluminum and cast aluminum. Protruding road signs are mainly installed with engineering adhesive or epoxy resin, and a few are installed with expansion bolts.

In real life, we find that the integrity rate of Reflective Studs is relatively low regardless of whether it is a highway, municipal or local roads, especially some road sections with complex road lines and large traffic volumes, which are far below the level of GB/T 24725-2009. Reflective Studs are required to have a service life of more than one year or shorter. At the same time, the damage time of Reflective Studs is uncertain and cannot be predicted in advance, making road traffic safety management costs and risks particularly prominent.

According to the investigation, the damage of Road Studs is mainly caused by the frequent rolling and impact of vehicle tires. There are three main forms of protruding road signs: Sheets, reflective beads, reflective films, reflectors, etc.) are damaged. On high-grade highways, the absence or damage of Road Studs can easily lead to night-time vehicles failing to distinguish the lane divider signs or lane boundaries, which can reduce the alertness of drivers and cause traffic accidents. In order to prevent or reduce the occurrence of traffic safety accidents, maintain sufficient vigilance for drivers. The road maintenance unit conducts regular inspections on the road surface, and arranges personnel to improve the missing or damaged Road Studs in a timely manner, which greatly increases the use and management costs. In addition, when the asphalt pavement needs to be overlaid with a thin layer, it is necessary to remove the old Road Studs on the pavement before reinstalling it, which will inevitably cause a certain amount of waste.

Technology realization factors:
The shell is provided with a reflective material, the edge of the shell is provided with an eaves edge, and the edge of the shell forms a groove with the position where the reflective material is installed. The slots are spaced apart.
Solar Studs has greatly improved the durability of use and the performance of anti-rolling and impact of vehicle tires, especially on the road sections with complex linear shapes and large traffic volume. Vehicle driving provides safety protection, which greatly reduces the safety management risk of road managers; the base has a large hollow space, and electronic equipment such as magnetic sensors and batteries can be added to provide signals for future unmanned vehicles or related automation equipment. Source; the shell is round, which can provide warning guidance for vehicles at 360°, especially when the highway is going to be rerouted during construction, it can play a warning and guidance role at night without relocating the Solar Studs; the Solar Studs material can be reused When the height needs to be raised, it can be realized by adding a long rod screw and adding a spare gasket, which has a very good social benefit prospect.
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