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When driving in the rain, see the Traffic Lights clearly and slow down

I often see this kind of situation on the road. The red light is on. Pedestrians were waiting for the red Traffic Lights. Suddenly, it started to rain. Some people without umbrellas often see that there are fewer passing cars, regardless of the traffic lights. If the light is red or green, run to the opposite side and cross the road quickly.

As everyone knows, this time is the most dangerous time for traffic. Friends who have driven a car know that when it rains and the road is wet, the car is the most difficult to control. When the pedestrian light is red, the motorized Traffic Lights are green. At this time, the car is driving normally.

If a pedestrian ignores the Traffic Lights and rushes to cross the road at the red light, the driver will not react in time, even if he steps on the brakes in time. Response, due to the slippery road, the control of the car will fail, and the brakes will not work, and traffic accidents such as hitting people will occur.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Communications, traffic accidents on rainy days are three times more than those on sunny days! Therefore, Henan Ruichen Traffic Equipment Co, Ltd. reminds all friends to follow the traffic rules even more on rainy days.
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