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Solar Signal Lights Common Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting Methods


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Solar Signal Lights play a vital role in the daily operation of urban traffic. If Solar Signal Lights fails, it will affect work, transportation, etc., causing drivers to feel bad and reduce work efficiency, and even affect their lives. Tragedy happened. Therefore, it is very important for the maintenance of Solar Signal Lights. Let me take a look at some maintenance common sense brought by the editor below.

Solar Signal LightsMaintenance
1. Solar Signal Lights at the intersection are all off: the main causes are power outage, total insurance burnout (caused by short circuit), and main board burnout (lightning strike). In this case, power should be sent, the fuse should be replaced, the circuit should be repaired, and the main board should be repaired.

2. Defective unidirectional Solar Signal Lights: The causes are generally burnt fuse (fuse aging), open circuit (caused by short circuit), burnt transformer (short circuit or aging), etc. In this case, the fuse should be replaced and the circuit repaired at the same time, and the repair circuit should be replaced Cables, repair circuits and replace transformer.
3. A single Solar Signal Lights does not light up: the causes are generally open circuit (short circuit or aging of wire contacts), transformer burnout (short circuit or aging), etc. In this case, check the circuit and replace the wires, check the circuit and replace the transformer.

4. Damage to Solar Signal Lights caused by accidents: Depending on the damage, repairable repairs and replacements should be replaced.
If the signal light fails due to environmental factors or human factors, it can be used as appropriate according to the above common sense. We all know that it plays a big role, so it is necessary to maintain Solar Signal Lights frequently to increase its service life and avoid traffic jams and other situations.
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