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LED Solar Road Stud Light Up Philippines


Motorists will no longer have to worry about the dark roads of Roxas Boulevard after the city government installs led solar road studs along Vito Cruz's northbound carriageway to Anda Circle.

Armand Andres, an engineer in Manila, says the project is part of their street lighting program, which aims to illuminate the city's main streets.

led solar stud Philippines

Although LED Solar Road Stud does not have a good lighting effect like street lights, the led solar road stud does not require expensive wiring and is easy to install, so it has won the recognition of the Philippine government.

Earlier, the city government installed hundreds of streetlights at Taft Avenue in Ermita and España Boulevard in Sampaloc. They also installed led solar road studs on Antonio Villegas Street, near Manila's City Hall.

ruichen solar road stud

Andres said they plan to install led solar road studs on Taft Avenue, Burgos Avenue and Rizal Avenue from Calito to manila and Kalokan borders.

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