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How Solar Road Studs Works with U.S. Clients

This customer from the United States came to our stall from the Dubai exhibition. I learned about this demand at the Dubai exhibition last time. The customer has not placed an order here because the road there has not been repaired.

This time, I specially came from the United States to China to inspect the supply capacity of Solar Road Studs of Ruichen Company, in order to cooperate with our company for a long time and understand the customer's itinerary. We drove our BMW to the airport to pick up customers. Joe delivers a bouquet of flowers to the client. Customers are very happy.

In the car, he told Joe that this time we were going to make a big order and we needed to give him the best price. And it is emphasized that the quality of this time must be the same as the samples of the last Dubai exhibition. Perhaps the number of 10,000 Solar Road Studs is only a small order for our factory.

The core values ​​of Ruichen's culture are customer-centric, striver-oriented, united and enterprising, and hard work. Take the customer to visit the company, showroom, workshop, etc. After patient introduction and giving the customer a better price, the customer immediately signs a contract with our company.
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