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What is Solar Road Studs and what is its application form?


About Solar Road Studs:
   With the rapid development of road construction in recent years, especially highway construction, people’s awareness of road safety has become stronger and more humane. Road Studs, as a traffic safety Peugeot, is widely used on domestic high-grade highways and municipal roads. Solar Road Studs have better visual effects than ordinary Road Studs. Solar Road Studs are made of die-cast aluminum as the shell, solar cells are used as charging components, and nickel-hydrogen batteries are generally used (in some high-end products, other products are also used. Batteries, such as lithium iron phosphate batteries, are energy storage components that use LED light-emitting or new road stud products combined with passive light-emitting, most of which are used on highways. (According to the requirements of the Ministry of Transportation: Solar Road Studs should be more than 100KN in compression).

    What is the main difference between Solar Road Studs and ordinary Road Studs? The main difference between Solar Road Studs and ordinary Road Studs is that the built-in Led bulbs are active and passive. So, what is the general application form of Solar Road Studs? There are 9 points as follows:
  1.Solar Road Studs marking lane boundaries
  2.Solar Road Studs logo edge
  3.Solar Road Studs signs and merges
  4.Solar Road Studs sign curve

  5. Road Studs mark dangerous road sections
  6.Road Studs indicates road width changes
  7.Road Studs identifies the location of road obstacles
  8.Road Studs set speed bump
    9.Road Studs identify special areas
This is Solar Road Studs and its application form.
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