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The Bagua City, which claims to be unblocked, is now equipped with Road Studs


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It is an honor to produce 【Road Stud】 on May 1st International Labor Day

Gossip has a long history in China, whether it is pre-gossip or post-gossip, some of the knowledge is still unclear to people. I remember when I was a child, I heard from my parents that there was a village nearby that was built according to gossip. Many people from other villages often lost their way after entering. This was a very good defense method in ancient wars. As I get older and urban planning, the village that caught my attention since I was a child has gradually disappeared. However, there are still many Bagua cities in China, the largest of which is Tekes County in Xinjiang.

Tekes County is located in the west of Xinjiang. If you just drive into the urban area, you will not feel that you have entered a labyrinth-like Bagua City, because there is no significant difference between this city and other cities, but you will find it in the traffic. Road Studs are rarely seen at intersections. A local person told me that if I came to this city a few years ago, there would not be as many vehicles as there are now, and there is not a single Road Studs in the city.

Because of the special shape and whether there is a city with Road Studs, it makes people curious. Many people who travel to Xinjiang will come here. Even though there is no special play value here, more people want to see this China with their own eyes. Currently the largest gossip city. The Bagua City is built around the Taiji Altar, and the center of the Taiji Altar is painted with Bagua patterns. From here, eight roads extend in eight directions, which just divides the entire county into eight blocks.

Of course, there were no Road Studs before, which does not mean that there were no traffic signs. After all, for a foreign tourist, traffic signs are the most official guide signs to a city, but the signs in the center of Turks County cannot guide the eight directions. All the roads are marked on the same board, which can only tell the approximate location. To be honest, the real test of coming here is a person's sense of direction, otherwise he will not be able to see the direction of his destination at all.
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