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Solar Street Lights for New Rural Solar Integration

In recent years, the construction of new rural areas is in full swing. The construction of new rural areas is to change the poor infrastructure, poor living environment, and low income of farmers in old rural areas. In the infrastructure, there is a strong demand for street lamps, especially It is now that the conditions of the peasant provincial capital are better, and the requirements for nightlife are gradually increasing.

Now, the use of integrated Solar Street Lights is more and more popular in the implementation of lighting projects in the new countryside. Why? Next, Ruifchen Technology will introduce the advantages of integrated Solar Street Lights compared with traditional city circuit lights and Solar Street Lights:
1. Solar Street Lights price advantage:
Traditional city circuit lights are much cheaper than Solar Street Lights when purchased, but the later costs are also relatively high, such as: replacement of accessories, components, electricity bills, maintenance costs, etc. Solar Street Lights has almost no later costs (except for batteries, Tuoan Technology uses lithium batteries as storage batteries, with a design life of more than 5 years, usually replaced every few years). And integrated Solar Street Lights are much cheaper than ordinary solar street lights. 

2. Simple construction:
The construction of traditional city circuit lights is generally more complicated. It needs to break the ground, dig the land, and occupy the farmer's place, which can easily cause conflicts between the project and the villagers, and it is not easy to construct; although the traditional solar street lights save a lot of things in construction than the city circuit lights, but only It is enough to dig a hole without laying wires; the integrated solar street light can choose to dig a hole and bury a new pole like a traditional solar street light, or it can be installed on the existing poles, walls and other supports, which greatly reduces the construction. process. 

3. Simple maintenance:
The maintenance of traditional city circuit lights and Solar Street Lights is more complicated, and it is necessary to send people to the local area for maintenance. The maintenance process is more complicated. If the parts are incomplete, it will waste more time. Now many factories are reluctant to go to the local maintenance after installation; The integrated solar street light only needs to remove the lamp head and send it back to the factory for maintenance, which is simple and convenient. 
4. Energy saving and environmental protection:
Both the traditional Solar Street Lights and the integrated Solar Street Lights are energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, which can not only beautify the rural environment and form a beautiful landscape, but also correspond to the national call for "green lighting", and can guide rural people's awareness of energy saving. Do more than one thing.
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