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Rolling Guardrail: The guardian of Korea’s highway safety

In South Korea, the construction of highways is very developed, but the safety issues that come with it are also of great concern. Especially on sharp turns, accidents often occur where vehicles lose control and run off the road. In order to solve this problem, the Korean government introduced an advanced traffic safety facility-Rolling Guardrail.
Rolling Guardrail is a special traffic safety facility, which mainly consists of a series of closely arranged rotating cylinders. These rotating drums can rotate freely, but have a certain damping effect, which can effectively absorb the impact of the vehicle and prevent the vehicle from running off the road. This kind of Rolling Guardrail is usually installed on sharp turns on highways to form a solid safety barrier.

Rolling Guardrail plays an important role on Korean highways. At night, when vehicle lights shine on the Rolling Guardrail, the reflected light can clearly show the outline of the guardrail, reminding the driver that this is a sharp curve. This reflected light can alert drivers, prompting them to slow down and maintain safe driving.
In addition, the damping effect of Rolling Guardrail can effectively absorb the impact force of the vehicle and reduce the risk of the vehicle losing control and running off the road during sharp turns. Even in extreme situations, Rolling Guardrail can provide a certain buffer for the vehicle and reduce the severity of the accident.

Rolling Guardrail has many advantages over traditional road traffic safety facilities. First of all, it can effectively prevent vehicles from running off the road and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. Secondly, the damping effect of Rolling Guardrail can absorb the impact force of the vehicle and reduce the damage to the vehicle and personnel in the accident. In addition, this kind of Rolling Guardrail is relatively simple to install and maintain, has low cost, and can adapt to various harsh weather and road conditions.
On Korean highways, the application of Rolling Guardrail has achieved remarkable results. By improving visibility and safety when driving at night, this guardrail effectively reduces the risk of traffic accidents. Drivers have also said that the use of Rolling Guardrail makes them feel more secure and secure when driving at night.

Overall, Rolling Guardrail has become an indispensable safety guard on Korean highways. By reflecting vehicle light and preventing vehicles from losing control and running off the road, this guardrail provides drivers with a clear and obvious safety warning and reduces the risk of traffic accidents. With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of application scope, it is believed that Rolling Guardrail will play an even more important role in the field of road traffic safety in the future.
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