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Let's talk about the definition of Road Studs again today


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Road Studs, also known as tunnel road studs, are mainly used in tunnels to indicate a traffic safety facility for tunnel safety. Is a reflector with a strong glow that can be clearly seen in low light.
1. Road Studs background
With the gradual improvement of expressway construction in plain areas, hilly areas and economically developed areas in various provinces and cities, the focus of expressway construction is gradually shifting to mountainous areas and mountainous areas with relatively lagging economic development. There are more and more long tunnels and extra-long tunnels. Due to their concealed belt-like structure, the tunnels have brought a series of changes to the traffic driving environment, especially for long tunnels on highways with large traffic volumes. Serious, once caused great losses due to security issues.

As highway tunnels are enclosed spaces with limited traffic space and difficult air circulation, the original reflective Road Studs will soon lose their reflective effect due to air pollution in the tunnel. In order to better indicate traffic safety in the tunnel, Tunnel Lighting Road Studs was born under such a background.
2. Existing types of Road Studs
At present, the Ministry of Communications has promulgated the "Code for Design of Highway Tunnel Traffic Engineering" (JTG/T D71-2004), which stipulates the electro-optic signs in tunnel signs, which are mainly divided into emergency signs, fire equipment signs, and pedestrian cross-hole signs. sign, emergency stop strip sign, evacuation sign.

2.1 Instruction signs and fire equipment instructions Road Studs
The emergency sign is used to indicate the emergency location in the tunnel, and the fire equipment indicator sign is used to indicate the position of the fire equipment in the tunnel. The layout of the sign is generally 25cmX40cm, which can be adjusted according to the tunnel design clearance.
2.2 Pedestrian Road Studs cross hole, driving cross hole, emergency stop belt sign
Pedestrian cross-hole indicator signs are used to indicate the position of pedestrian cross-holes in the tunnel, and indicate the escape route of people in the tunnel when an emergency occurs in the tunnel; driving cross-hole indicator signs are used to indicate the position of the tunnel driving cross-hole, and instruct vehicles to divert when an emergency occurs in the tunnel The traffic hole; the emergency stop belt sign is used to indicate the location of the emergency stop belt in the tunnel. The layout of the logo is generally 50cmX80cm, which can be adjusted according to the clearance of the tunnel design.

2.3 Evacuation instructions Road Studs
Road Studs are used to indicate the distance and direction from the point to the entrance, the cross-hole for vehicles, and the cross-hole for pedestrians, and to instruct pedestrians and vehicles to leave quickly when an emergency occurs in the tunnel.
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